Read what's been happening on Salvatore's Horizon

Read what's been happening on Salvatore's Horizon
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Yellowstone: the introspective landscape- Part IV

excerpts from my new photographic book.

Chapter 2- continued...

The year was 1980. Then, I was still in college finishing a music bachelor degree. Other than being a student, I was a Photo/Journalist for the college paper covering events like concerts and sport events. It was very casual in the sense, that I could shoot anything was perfect preparation for Yellowstone and yet Yellowstone was a bit overwhelming. Yellowstone is a vast landscape within it the subject matter seems endless. Little did I know then, but that first experience with Yellowstone would factor into the greatest single journey of my life. It would change what and who I was to become and also where I would live a significant part of my life. I am glad it is not a journey yet over.

to be continued...

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