Read what's been happening on Salvatore's Horizon

Read what's been happening on Salvatore's Horizon
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Morro Bay/ Los Osos

The Morro Bay and it's estuary contains some of the most dramatic landscapes along the California coast. From it picturesque Morro Rock and Harbor to its lilliputian pigmy oak forests is a plethora of photographic subjects. Please check back day to day as I post these images!

Sunset over Morro Bay Estuary

"Pigmy Oak Limbs" 2012 El Moro Elfin Forest Los Osos California

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eastern Sierra/ Mono Lake/ Ancient Bristlecone Pine Workshop Gallery

Our five day workshop started and ended with clear blue bird skies. Our base camp was located in Mammoth Lakes with it's abundance and variety of excellent restaurants and lodging though we did take in a few locations near our day shoots for convenience mainly for their proximity and time limitations to get before the restaurants close in Mammoth!

Mono Lake was our destination for two and half days and we got right into it's best locations right after everyone checked into their lodging on arrival. Our evening shoot is used mainly to scout the location for our very early morning shoot the next day but also to work on some compositions and exposure techniques. We encountered some distant clouds in the north that made for colorful light and clear skies to the east to reveal a beautiful magenta twilight tones accented with a full moon!

The next morning Mono Lake did not fail use with it's Great Basin sunrise light. The Sierra's Tioga Ridge was inflamed with an almost ruby red. There are few locations in America with unimpeded low angle rising sunlight and mile high mountains to catch it like Mono Lake and the Sierras!

Sunsets along with sunrises presents scenes that captivates the viewer. A cloudless sky is well waiting for the twilight as it waking up early is for the dawn light!

The eastern Sierra's contains lots of volcanic formations such as craters, cones and lava flows both adds to the great variety of photographic possibilities that make it a great photography destination. We worked the tufa's beaches and the surrounding landscapes hard with long days.

The worlds oldest trees lie on the slopes of the eastern Sierra's high in one of the most inhospitable place on earth. As we photograph them, we can see their ancient age as wind-worn trunks and branches. We worked endless angles and compositions racing before the midday light.

Our last day, ended with an early rise before the sun peaked over the eastern horizon as we travel a short distance to capture the sun rays on the high eastern Sierra mountains as our last stop of the trip. Later over breakfast back in Mammoth, we reminiscent the events and experiences of our five day trip before everyone parted to journey back to home with images of this exciting and wonderful unique workshop! You too can join me on the next Eastern Sierra workshop June 28th- July 2st 2013. See you in the Sierra's!