Read what's been happening on Salvatore's Horizon

Read what's been happening on Salvatore's Horizon
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Yellowstone: the introspective landscape- Part IV

excerpts from my new photographic book.

Chapter 2- continued...

The year was 1980. Then, I was still in college finishing a music bachelor degree. Other than being a student, I was a Photo/Journalist for the college paper covering events like concerts and sport events. It was very casual in the sense, that I could shoot anything was perfect preparation for Yellowstone and yet Yellowstone was a bit overwhelming. Yellowstone is a vast landscape within it the subject matter seems endless. Little did I know then, but that first experience with Yellowstone would factor into the greatest single journey of my life. It would change what and who I was to become and also where I would live a significant part of my life. I am glad it is not a journey yet over.

to be continued...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yellowstone: the introspective landscape Part III

Chapter 3-

First Impressions-

from my new book on Yellowstone National Park

Driving up from the spectacular Teton Valley and Jackson Hole, I did not think nor expected that geology could top the “Shock Factor” of the towers that are the Tetons. As I drove into West Thumb junction near Yellowstone Lake and saw peculiar billows of steam that rose above the trees, did I feel something not grandiose in the sense of the standing massif of Grand Teton rising above me, but something more intimate like some immense primordial force from our antecedent creature life. A supreme force that not only existed before the rocks on Grand Teton, but the force that created those rocks on Grand Teton. I discover the genesis of all things earthly: our earth’s soul. Here, Its superheated core touches the sky. Yellowstone is not just the mother of all national parks. It is, in a way, the mother of all things.

to be continued...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Yellowtone: the introspective landscape" Part I

An excerpt from my new photographic book on Yellowstone National Park:

Chapter One- Introduction-

Yellowstone! It is a name that conjures scenes of hot boiling water, steam filled valleys and jets of water shooting high into the atmosphere. Of Yellowstone, one thinks of vast landscapes filled with immense wild herds of Bison and Elk as Wolfs and Grizzles run after them. Yellowstone makes the imagination run wild of super volcanoes and mass extinctions. A place were hell itself boiled up from deep within the earth. When we think of the friendly Park Ranger, the grand timbered lodges and the crowds of tourists, we think first of the Yellowstone as presented to us in cartoons and movies. But our imagination of Yellowstone never holds up to the true Yellowstone once we visit it for the first time. We find that it is more, much more then we could ever imagine. Once we think we seen what we all heard or read about, we find out that there is more to learn like the endless enigma? Even today, there are still places in Yellowstone where no man has set foot and no person might ever set foot. People discover new wildlife, new waterfalls and new geothermal features. All of which just suits me fine.

to be continued...