Read what's been happening on Salvatore's Horizon

Read what's been happening on Salvatore's Horizon
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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Being Acadian Inspired

 As many of you know I was recently in Maine teaching my workshop. Here is a short gallery of images from that event.

The seasons do change in Acadia National Park but now even the season themselves have changed. In the many 36 years of photographing here, I have seen a drastic change in the fall. It is getting warmer and dryer. It was not uncommon for snow and wet cool rains.  Long pants and sweaters and rain jackets were general day wear. It is not a good thing but it is an enjoyable one even wearing Shorts- I even shot next to a photographer in shorts and Gators at predawn Otter Cliffs on morning. By midday and the next day, I too was attired in summer garb. We did get a few frosty mornings which is always good. But, the first rain-less trip ever, produced more grand sunset and sunrise landscapes than in the past. Still autumn was in full swing by weeks end. All in all,  we spent the full trip awe-inspired!

Here's a short gallery of images taken this year. Please enjoy!

Trees shift locations as water rises from a beaver dam

Reflection of Champlain Mountain

Glacial boulder view of Cadillac Mountain 

The rocky cliff shoreline of Acadia

The relative calm of a reflection on a tidal flat

Awed, kayakers take it all in.

A ravine displays all primary and secondary colors
Or the drama of waves tumbling down rocks

Atypical Boulder Beach yields not so typical surprises
The background of aquamarine more than complements, it enhances!

Warm wet southeasterly air forms fog on cold slopes

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The dark forest background help to punch those colors along with low contrast fog light and no wind.  
Glow of red reflects Bass Harbor Head Light

Hope you were inspired by these few samples of Acadia Life.
If interested in joining next year's workshop please inquire by calling me at (973) 464-3354

Thanks For Looking,
Salvatore Vasapolli

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